2024 European Cup winner betting oddsGeneral Contracting Services


If your design is already completed, High Construction can provide a firm, fixed Best Football Betting Sites for Euro 2024price to complete the construction in accordance with your plans. With finished plans and specifications already available, High Construction can mobilize quickly to get your project started. 


Best Sports Betting for Euro 2024Owner’s Role:    

  • Best Sports Betting for Euro 2024Owner hires an architect to design the project and delivers completed plans and specifications to High Construction for pricing.
  • The owner manages two contracts—one with the architect and one with High Construction.



  • 2024 European Cup winner oddsSelection of the builder is objective and based on the completed design
  • Total project cost not known until the design is complete and all design fees expended
  • Difficult to value-engineer after the design is complete
  • Owner warrants architect’s work
  • Potential for adversarial relationships